Air Hose #2

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The Air Hose #2 (#17342-50180), a critical part in Toyota's Engine-Fuel category, forms an integral component of the Manifold Air Injection System. This hose facilitates the flow of air within the system, contributing significantly to the engine's overall performance. As the vehicle operates, the Air Hose #2 (#17342-50180) is constantly at work, making the use of genuine parts pivotal to ensure compatibility and longevity. Just like other parts, the Air Hose #2 (#17342-50180) is not immune to wear and tear. When old or clogged, it might impede the air flow, causing inefficient fuel combustion and potentially leading to engine issues. It's therefore crucial to replace this component periodically. Backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, using a genuine Air Hose #2 (#17342-50180) not only ensures optimal performance, but also contributes to vehicle safety. A functioning Air Hose #2 (#17342-50180) is paramount for the overall efficiency of the Manifold Air Injection System, thereby promoting safer and smoother rides.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17342-50180

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